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Whereas the shareholders of Cryptopia.co.nz should not be limited to any few singluar investors but rather is a diverse and anonymous conglomorate of cryptocurrency asset holders and market creators, and being that the realm of cryptocurrency does not yet fall under clear government regulation, we believe a minority of investors are colluding and taking part in an unprecidented and illegal theft of digital assets and data under the guise of security and regulation. At this point we believe the original ETH heist was a planned breach intended to justify the current closure: a much larger "legal" heist.

It's 100% free and anonymous for oddbank members to add loss claims to this ledger.
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We, a portion of the majority combined shareholders hereby demand our assets returned inside a process that ensures:

1) all creditors are fully paid in NZD or USD
2) distribution of debt only as needed
3) transparency
4) full audit and review of Grant Thornton and Cryptopia shareholders for any conflicts of interest
5) full disclosure of Cryptopia's market capitalization preceding the closure

This ledger went public 6/12/2019 and will be continually updated and maintained and can be modified to support Grant Thorton in their efforts and will remain free to use and view.

If you would like to support in any way please email dev@gram.capital.

Cryptopia was founded in the spirit of decentralization and distribution as evidenced by their implementation of DOT and CEFS. Why let the model fall apart now?

Some questions to consider regarding digital asset exchange closures and the role fiat accounting firms play in cryptocurrency economies:
-Should market participants be able to stake claim to the markets themselves thereby preventing a closure of markets until a strategy has been detailed?
-Should market participants be entitled a right of first refusal if their markets be targeted as a liquidatable asset?
-Who made the decision to close the markets? Was it a legal authority? Did they have jurisdiction?
-Who is lining up to purchase our "distressed assets" and are they connected to these current few Cryptopia shareholders who have not yet been named and who had the authority to appoint Grant Thornton?
-Why was Cryptopia ledger data moved exclusively to the US? Why not store a backup in the US while keeping the original in as many places as possible? Is Grant Thornton moving litigation to countries with the intention of seeking preferential treatment or where the liquidators have lobby power? Are shareholders and Grant Thornton aware of pending legislation that will affect the acquisition, extradition, storage and re-distribution of cryptocurrency exchange ledgers?
-Does a multinational auditing firm have jurisdiction to relocate digital assets/ blockchain data outside the original server's country of origin?

cryptopia loss claim / airdrop ledger

[ BCH ] pls return bch here: 16WY2Gei1dHyEr5QwG33zzhFjHEfw4HJK4

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[ CLAM ] pls return clam here: xFDpY5akgYPCtfH8seeZGjKy9g4xBpzjeW

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this ledger is an anonymous listing of cryptocurrency asset loss claims by the true shareholders of cryptopia. it is a free to use and working proof of concept model for debt recovery and loss distribution using decentralized accounting principles. using this ledger does not guarantee a return of funds and we hope the data produced herein will afford us all the ability to minimize losses to our community. oddbank will use trianglecoin(tri) over time if funds are not returned as a result of grant thornton's centralized approach to asset liquidation and debt management.